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New! CSIM 20! — The world's preferred low-cost simulation tool just got even better! With the introduction of CSIM 20, Mesquite Software brings you an advanced simulation toolkit to implement process-oriented, discrete-event models for larger, more complex systems. Gain valuable insight into your system's dynamic behavior using CSIM 20's impressive new features. Enjoy the unparalleled flexibility and time savings of working with standard C or C++ programming languages. And get all of these benefits for an amazingly low price!

CSIM for Java — Mesquite Software is delighted to offer our time-tested CSIM software for the Java platform in addition to the C and C++ languages! CSIM for Java allows Java programmers to quickly and easily create process-oriented, discrete-event simulation models of complex systems using a comprehensive set of Java classes and standard IDEs such as Eclipse and NetBeans. CSIM for Java delivers the same features that have established the original CSIM package as the premier programmer's tool for C/C++-based discrete event simulations.

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CSIM/OptQuest — Optimize your simulations! This powerful version of Mesquite Software's CSIM simulation engine is teamed up with the OptQuest simulation run supervisor for a superior tool that manages the complex modeling process and optimizes model configuration. The results? Maximized performance. Minimized configuration costs. Unsurpassed confidence in creating the best possible system!


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