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Products/FAQ : CSIM 20

Special CSIM 20 Introductory Offer!

From now until November 15, we're discounting our CSIM 20 prices for current customers:

  • 75% discount if you purchased in last 6 months
  • 50% for customers with active Extended Support
  • 20% for all other existing CSIM customers

CSIM 20 is normally priced at $1195 per seat for a single seat, with substantially-reduced prices for multiple seats and for educational use.

Please contact us directly to purchase CSIM 20 and receive your discount. Note that Student Edition customers do not receive these discounts on the full version. While CSIM 20 is available for purchase on our website, you must contact us to receive your discount so we can verify that you're an existing user.

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CSIM 20 — The world's preferred low-cost simulation tool just got even better!

With the introduction of CSIM 20, Mesquite Software brings you an advanced simulation toolkit to implement process-oriented, discrete-event models for larger, more complex systems. Gain valuable insight into your system's dynamic behavior using CSIM 20's impressive new features. Enjoy the unparalleled flexibility and time savings of working with standard C or C++ programming languages (if you want CSIM for Java, click here.) And get all of these benefits for an amazingly low price!

CSIM 20 is the latest version of the widely-used CSIM simulation toolkit, which was initially developed in 1985 at Austin's Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC). A process-oriented, general purpose simulation toolkit written with general C/C++ language functions, CSIM 20 allows programmers to create models which can simulate complex systems and offer insight into the system's dynamic behavior. Use of CSIM is provided through a selection of professional and educational licenses, most of which are priced at or under $1,200. You may purchase CSIM 20 with an American Express, VISA or MasterCard for immediate shipping.

What's new in CSIM 20?

  1. 64-bit support for most platforms - in these cases, CSIM 20 include both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of library
    • Allows creation of very large models (> 2 GBytes)
  2. Improved core routines and other enhancements to the core simulation engine
  3. Additional Process classes for Storage and Buffer (already had Process classes for Facilities)
  4. Facilities and servers
    • Ability to turn on/off server statistics in reports
    • Function to return "time remaining" at a server
  5. Storage
    • No longer prints report for a Storage if storage not used
  6. Buffer
    • No longer prints report for a Buffer if buffer not used
  7. Table
    • Ability to get confidence interval for any confidence level
  8. Random numbers
    • Allows users to supply their own basic random number functions
  9. Position-independent code available on request for Linux, Solaris SPARC, and Solaris x86
    • Includes position-independent code and shared objects
  10. CSIM 19 code runs on CSIM 20 without modification.

If you're curious, here's What Was New in CSIM 19.

CSIM 20 continues to have the features in past versions of CSIM that enable you to

  • Develop models using the standard programming languages C or C++, thus saving both time and money by not having to learn a new language. CSIM for Java is also available.
  • Create applications that are virtually limitless. CSIM's flexible C or C++ environments provide you with the freedom to devise simple to complex situations for analysis.
  • Build models that are compact and efficient. Because of the nature of compiled C and C++ programs and CSIM's dynamic memory allocation and specialized algorithms, you will enjoy good performance and see limited memory use.
  • Take advantage of cross platform compatibility. Develop models on a PC and then deliver them for use on the systems required by your customers.

CSIM will not restrict you in style, complexity or level of the model. Because of its flexible nature, CSIM has already been used successfully in more than a thousand corporations and universities to analyze a variety of systems, such as:

  • Computer systems and networks of computer systems
  • Software systems, including applications executing on multiprocessor systems
  • Communications systems
  • Transportation systems
  • Satellite control systems

CSIM's use of standard programming languages makes it possible to embed models in other products for flexibility in output, reporting, and user interaction with the process. For example, models have been embedded in systems to present information graphically and used to train people in the operation of the system. The process-oriented approach embodied in CSIM is a natural way of expressing the behavioral aspects of many kinds of systems.

CSIM 20 Professional Version

 WindowsMac x86 (Intel)LINUX x86Solaris x86Solaris SPARC
MS Visual Studio 200832/64    
MS Visual Studio 2008 Express32    
MS Visual Studio 200532    
MS Visual Studio 632    
Cygwin / GCC / G++32    
GCC 32/6432/6432/6432/64
Sun Studio C / C++   32/6432/64

CSIM 20 Student Version

 WindowsMac x86 (Intel)LINUX x86
MS Visual Studio 200832  
MS Visual Studio 2008 Express32  
MS Visual Studio 200532  
MS Visual Studio 632  
Cygwin / GCC / G++32  
GCC 3232
Sun Studio C / C++   

32: 32-bit version available
32/64: Both 32- and 64-bit versions available

Types of Licenses

To provide the greatest value to a wide variety of customers, Mesquite Software offers four types of licenses for CSIM 20. The following descriptions should help you in identifying the right type of license for your needs. Quantity discounts are available for all types of licenses. Training and consulting services are available at an additional charge.

Professional License — Allows one person working alone or as an employee of a company to use CSIM 20 on one or more platforms. This license provides the greatest value to consultants, small companies, and large companies having a small number of CSIM users. It is also ideal for companies wishing to experience CSIM 20 with a minimal investment.

Corporate Site License — Provides maximum flexibility and convenience to companies having potentially many CSIM 20 users. This license allows CSIM 20 to be installed on any number and type of platforms for use by all employees at that site.

Developer License — Allows CSIM 20 to be embedded and possibly resold as part of a product that will be distributed outside the boundaries for which a corporate site license applies. This license is ideal for developers who will use CSIM 20 as the simulation engine their modeling and analysis application.

Educational License — For academic institutions and their students, who will be using CSIM 20 in organized classes, independent study projects, unfunded research, and other not-for-profit educational activities.

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